Are you a fan of assembling models? Is creating robots your thing too?

This time we combine them together!

What is Woodmaster?

Introducing Woodmaster, a unique Remote Control Wood Assembling Mechanical Chariot Robot that the world has never seen before! This assembling model has everything you ever wanted! It is made of wood, so it is eco-friendly. It features a well-design mechanism with precise cutout parts, and it is also a programmable chariot! With many different modes, this is the only robot you ever need!

Models of Woodmaster

Omni Chariot

The basic model and the base of all the other models of Woodmaster

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Soccer Chariot

A super star that can dribble, tackle, pass and shoot like a real soccer player

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Artillery Chariot

A powerful soldier that can move flexibly and penetrate enemies

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Tracked Chariot

Equipped with a wooden assembly track to adapt to complex terrain.

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Remote Control

2 joysticks and 14 buttons to help you with the coolest operations

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Featuring the FSC-proved eco-friendly wood material, this one is long-lasting and environmental-friendly. Woodmaster will serve you for years, and after that, the constructions can be recycled with no harm to the environment.

Wooden mechanical models are always fascinating. However, Woodmaster‘s mechanics are not only fascinating, but also extremely useful. Wooden McNamm wheels, tank tracks, water-bomb Artillery, football catapults, and a wide variety of modules make Woodmaster both attractive and powerful.

Although built from wood, Woodmaster has incredible structural strength and operational flexibility, which goes beyond your traditional notions of assembled products and makes your own assembled robot a performance monster. With the enhanced function of ZINO control, the Woodmaster Chariot is a real robot.

Woodmaster is controlled through the APP by default. We can see the picture of the camera in real time on the mobile phone and feel the pleasure of FPV driving. The App also has a detailed assembly guide and gameplay instructions to help us enjoy Woodmaster.

Using a remote control is a cooler option. The Woodmaster remote control is also made of wood, but is as powerful and easy to use as our gamepads. We can also adjust the settings of the remote control according to our habits, and we can set special skills and release them with one click.

We call this the Woodmaster Chariot Robot, because it's really a robot, not just a toy. One of the most important features is programming. Woodrider is programmable, via a few visual programming skills, just drag and create!

Enjoy Wooden Assembly

To satisfy all the imagination of assemble lovers

Happy Time With Your Family

Can't imagine how powerful this wooden robot can be before playing with it! Let your happy time continue after assembling.

Cooperative Assembly

Shooting Game

Soccer Match

FPV Racing

Code to Learn & Play

Woodmaster also supports programming and secondary development. Write skills or actions through simple graphical programming or more specialized code programming, and learn programming knowledge as you play.

Drag to Code

Woodmaster supports three levels of graphic programming, including motion editing, programming learning, and secondary development. You don't need any specialized knowledge.


If you know the basics of programming, you can also use C/C++ code to do more personalized, advanced, and complex programming instructions.

Accessories & Add-ons

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Jayden Wright

Kickstarter Backer

I like Woodwow because you get to buy a robot that you can actually build and use and that you can actually code the robot to do stuff you want it to do as well.

Calvin Lim

Kickstarter Backer

What I like about Woodrow is the physical aspect of the toys for kids, which is harder and harder to find these days.

Groove Builders

Famous Youtuber

This overall model was so much fun and now it's all put together being able to drive it and being able to play with it makes it so much better than your average wooden model that we've built from before.

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Testimonial name

Founder, Company

Use this text to showcase a review from one of your customers. A great review is honest and relatable. A great reviewer is a person who represents your target audience and can speak to concerns that might block your customers from buying.


If you don't need to programme it, you don't have to connect it to a computer. Woodmaster can operate by itself, it is an assembling model, a remote control chariot, and a programmable robot.

Chariot can also run back and forth and turn on grass, sand, and gravel roads, but it does not run fast, and it is basically impossible to traverse, because the wheels will slip. However, the track can use complex terrain such as grass, sand, and gravel roads very well. The track is designed for these complex terrains.

The chariot is mainly on flat ground, although it does not need to be very flat, but the tires cannot slip, otherwise the mobility will be reduced

The wooden parts of the model are waterproof, and ordinary splashes will not affect use. But we need to pay attention to prevent water from entering the main control, motor, battery.

The artillery shoots water gel bullets.

The max distance is 40-50 meters in unblocked, interference-free environment. When controlling in another room, if the distance is not too far, it wouldn't be a problem,

Timeline of Woodmaster

Woodrider in live now. We need your back to make Woodrider better.

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Nove 2020


December 2020

Project Initiated

August 2021

Designing & Prototyping

April 2022

Fist Batch Trial Production

July 2022

Launch On Kickstarter & Indiegogo